The pedagogy is based on making learning an engaging experience for our little ones. Any parent or teacher would agree that preschool children are naturally very impressionable, curious, and creative. Hence, our methods are based on activities which are aimed at making children explore, interact, enjoy, and become more inquisitive about the world. 

Right from welcoming the child at the gate with a pleasant smile to dropping him/her off in safe hands, our teachers provide the continuous monitoring and care our children need at this age. We also realize that our tiny tots observe us (Parents and Teachers) more often and meticulously than we may ever notice and hence each moment they learn from us. Hence our teachers and asst. teachers take this as an opportunity to inculcate social inter-personal skills and values among students.

Schooling today is not just about the class room, it goes beyond those familiar walls and books. A lot is learnt by other activities. Activities that make us feel the nature, outdoor games, group activities, National occasions, Religious festivals, and various other activities and excursions which eventually make us learn about the world around us.

Some of the activities which form an integral part of our curriculum are :

  • Group Activities and Games (Indoors)
  • Outdoor Activities and Games
  • Movie Screenings
  • Art and Craft Activities
  • Story Telling and Poem Recitations
  • Performing Arts (Singing, Dancing, and Role Plays)
  • Outdoor excursions to Gardens, Zoo, Children parks, etc.
  • Celebration of National Occasions.
  • Celebration of festivals of all religions
  • Plantation Days

“Let’s make learning a

joyful and engaging experience...”